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Just when you thought it was safe from me
By: Janell Byrd

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Leg Kicks in The Martial Arts

The leg is the longest and most powerful weapon a martial artist has and has thus possess the greatest possibility to attack without retaliation.

Taekwondo as a hobby and workout is highly popular among both genders and of several ages. Physically, tae kwon do builds up power, velocity, stability, versatility, and stamina.

Both physical command of the attention and also the technique is crucial in order to concentrate on one's power. An instance of the labor organization of mental as well as physical self-discipline is the breakage of boards. Learn about kicks and combinations here: http://staceysquare07.jimdo.com

Courtesy, integrity, tenacity, self-control and indomitable nature would be the five tenets of tae kwon do. They mirror that tae kwon do is a psychological discipline together with a bodily one.

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Just One Of Those Days

Seems I can not do anything right today. Guess I will just sit down and watch some TV.

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Self Defense Training Came In Handy

Self-defence training and practice can raise someone's self-confidence and also preserve his/her life in different crisis conditions. Allow me to share several different situations that have happened.

Once when we were coming out from our local bowling alley my sister and I were confronted by two men. At first everything seemed okay since all they asked for was a cigarette. We told them we do not smoke and then one pulled out a knife. My sister immedity went into action kicking the knife out of the mans hand and then i did a back kick to to the second guy. They both ran after that, but thank goodness my sister and i was not hurt. I am so glad we learned some self defense in our TKD class. To learn more of what you can do in a self defense situation go to : http://johnninjaboy.wordpress.com/

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My Ninja Stuff

I am really into the whole ninja thing right now. Not sure why - of course maybe it has something to do with the resurgence of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon. What I really like is the new equipment that they are using. especially the ninja stars and grappling hook - http://www.ninjauniform.org/shop/ninja-grappling-hook/

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Paul Stanley Costume for Women

It is going to be very inappropriate for women to show their chest in public just to give respect to the Paul Stanley Costume that they own, that's why certain alterations can be done to fix the problem.

Many women adore Kiss because of the manly aura that they exude. Some would also follow the kind of style they have since there are a lot of ways on how to dress up devilishly without exposing too much of yourself. Honestly, women who would want to use a Kiss costume are just fond of the face make up that completes the outfit. It looks scary but mysterious at the same time which is very appropriate in costume parties. By making some adjustments on the clothes, you can become the Kiss hardcore fan that you are which will surely impress a lot of people. You can look tough and different among anybody else at a party.


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